Local M&E Experts

International Support

In Liberia, we are at your disposal to provide local expertise with our M&E services.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection

We specialize in creating surveys to gather both qualitative & quantitative data by using the Kobo Collect platform and make the process as simple and effective as possible.

Designing & Conducting Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups designed to get a more in-depth comprehension of the issue at hand by discussing it with the people who understand it and are affected.

In-House Staff & Enumerators Training

We provide in-house training for staff and enumerators before the data collection starts. So every member understands the goal, process, and idea behind the project and does it in the most efficient matter possible.

More than 10 years of experience in Liberia.

We are here to help!

Operating since 2012, Liberia Monitors has built up extensive experience in Liberia’s development sector, carrying out evaluations and designing research for NGOs in agriculture, entrepreneurship, value chain development, rural livelihoods, and we keep on learning.

Why Choose Us?

Why fly in expensive consultants for your M&E activities when local experts are available? Liberia Monitors builds local knowledge and skills, training and employing Liberian researchers when possible, and providing international expertise when necessary. Everybody wins.

Our Partners

These are some of the partners and donors we have worked with during the last 10 years.

And we keep on learning!

For more information about some of our M&E Projects or if your organization is interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us!